Ovation is an employee engagement program that offers a user-friendly and customizable perks and rewards platform that helps build cultures of appreciation and inclusion that fuel innovation and growth.

1) Delight your clients and their employees.

Ovation is a fun, crowd-pleasing offering that’s sure to delight your clients and their employees. Talking perks and rewards is a welcome addition to typical benefits discussions about health care plans and rate increases.

2) Improve retention, engagement, and culture.

Deliver an innovative solution that helps solve your clients’ most important business challenges like employee turnover, motivation, and developing a more inclusive culture.

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3) Measure the effectiveness of different rewards and recognition initiatives.

Track how many rewards credits have been distributed, which employees are the most recognized, and who are the most rewarding managers.

4) More than just a software application, Ovation provides live, real-time support.

Our Customer Success Managers serve as “employee happiness experts” that work with you to achieve your program goals.


A more engaged workforce delivers increased productivity, longer retention, more innovation, and a larger commitment to growth and expansion company-wide!

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully.

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