employees can crowd fund their own bonus structure




Collect real time feedback anywhere on any device, using direct and indirect channels. 

  • Engagement Analysis

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Employee Performance

  • Video/Image Analysis

Be Inspired to take action & learn faster through feedback. We provide you real-time employee data.


We have the power of AI: Natural Language Processing

Before enrolling you in Ovation, we pull online data and put it through our AI engine. We take that data and analyze then, report on what your current and past employees are saying about your company.  

Our engine was designed based on the Dashboard, Analysis & Report (DAR) principle to give the client organization tremendous range in discerning internal & external employee sentiment.

The DASHBOARD section of the product is the most basic aspect of the same, providing the highlights of public sentiments to get the most of the product at a quick glance and at a higher  level.​

The ANALYSIS section of the product provides further insights into the analysis. The public sentiments are divided into various segments (customer, employee, supplier, general public, etc.) and demographics (including geography), so as to provide the client with the tools to address specific target audience sentiments most effectively.

The REPORT level of the product provides the most granular details, including individual reviews and sentiments of the public along the various segments described above.


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If you're looking for talent, contact us here:   |   20900 Swenson Dr. Suite 300, Waukesha, WI 53186

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